My Family Builders, a toy that celebrates diversity!

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By Mummy B.   If you follow us on Facebook or Instagram, you probably saw some pictures of Mimi B. playing with a new and original toy: My Family Builders. Indeed we were glad to try this toy and participate to the promotion … READ MORE

Music to your ears #1, by Daddy B.

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  By Daddy B.   Some of you may have noticed, this article is the first one from Daddy B. (it’s me!) on the blog. It has been a long time since I wanted to contribute here, and even if I … READ MORE

Project 52 – Week 28

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By Mummy B.     A picture of my child each week, that’s the project 52 which I decided to follow this year.   Mimi B. is a very active and curious little girl and it’s not always easy to … READ MORE

Father’s Day DIY: a mug personalized with kid drawing!

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By Mummy B.   Mimi B. doesn’t go to school. So she never brings home surprise gifts for Mother’s or Father’s Day. Therefore I needed to be creative this week so that Daddy B. can have a gift made by his … READ MORE

Abandoned factory and family photo shooting (Richmond, CA)

By Mummy B.     Ten days ago, we went to a very special place to successfully find inspiration for my Pic of the Month which theme was “sign of industrial decline”. You’ve also seen a pic thanks to my … READ MORE

DIY with toddlers : 3D picture frame with sand and seashells

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  By Mummy B.   The packages for Grandmothers Day arrived in France few days ago, so I can now reveal you our little creative activity without spoiling the surprise of Mamy FB. and Mamy NB.     We regularly … READ MORE

Creative hobbies for children: Play dough workshop

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  By Mummy B.     Mimi B. spends every day with me. She is an active little girl who loves to be stimulated, so I often have to find activities to distract her, but also teach her some things. … READ MORE