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INside-EXpat, why and for who?

At the beginning, just like many other expatriate blogs, the aim of this one was to give some news to our families and friends. It was not even called INside-EXpat but The Singapore Mimi News. Month after month, many people began to read this blog thanks to Google researches. They liked to know about our daily life as expatriate people, our travels and were also pleased by the pieces of advice and tips we gave in these pages.

Thanks to all these new readers, we wanted to give even more and kept working on this blog to allow an easy access to a useful and quality content so that future expatriate people and travellers can prepare their projects. INside-EXpat is born and now you are still more and more readers and it is still for us a great pleasure to share our life experience abroad, our travels and our daily life.


Who is the B. Family?

After being expatriate a year in Singapore, we are now living in the San Francisco Bay Area in California.


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Have a look on our family history movie!


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