Meadow Homes Spray Park, having fun at waterplay! (Concord, CA)

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By Mimi B.



As Mummy B. is too busy these last days to write big articles for the blog (some say she is preparing the birth of my little brother…), I decided to borrow her keyboard to show you one of our last outings.


Californian weather is surely very pleasant, but in summer temperatures can rise a lot and sometimes we feel like it is 100°… well indeed… sometimes it is 100°F! When it happens, we can’t go to our usual playgrounds because they are not shadowed. So slides and swings are too hot to have fun on them and we have to wait the end of the day to go there.


So a few weeks ago, we tried a new kind of playground : waterplay! Actually it was not really new for me as it was quite part of my daily life in Singapore. I tried a lot of them there!

Mimi au waterplay
Mimi B. at Jacob Ballas Children’s Garden (Singapore) – January 2014


For this first time in California, we went to Concord, not far from home, in Meadow Homes Spray Park with our friends (the mummies Coralie, Marjorie and Laila and the little ones Eustache, Ondine, Ranya, Youssef et Elliot.

Le parc côté petits


The park is well-conceived as it is divided in two different spaces : one for the littlest where we stayed and another with bigger water jets, falling water buckets and older and more active kids. There are also picnic tables (some of them are under a shadowed covered area), a bathhouse and outdoor shower.

toboggan dauphin

Mimi B. et Eustache


We really had a blast together. It is a nice place where we hope to go again.

Mimi B. et Ranya

Mimi B. et Eustache


As often here, the musical ice cream truck came during the afternoon. It surely has some special hypnotizing powers on children!!!

Trois petites filles gourmandes


In California, we have a serious drought, so we can wonder if this massive utilisation of water just for entertaining kids is a good thing. But the City of Concord is very aware of it and the park was designed to filter, treat and recycle the used water.

Moreover the opening hours are reduced this year and the opening was delayed, so it should result in the water park using 25% less water comparing to last year.


Mimi B.


This park is free. During summer holidays, it was opened from noon to 6pm daily, but since children are back to school, it is opened from 3pm to 6pm on weekdays and from noon to 6pm on weekends.


The park will be closed from october to april. So we still have some weeks to enjoy it.

Speaking of which I need to go… I have to send texts to my friends with my plastic Ninja Turtles cellphone to organize another fun meeting!


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