Soon you’ll be here…

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By Mummy B.


The beginning of this year brings us one of the most beautiful news we could expect… our family will count another member few months later. At that point, you were just a tiny piece of Daddy B. and me, a discreet inhabitant and still invisible for other people… Well, that changed fast!

Coucher de soleil à Briones Park - Mummy B. enceinte


just like when I was expecting your sister three years before, the first three months were quite difficult. I had most of the pregnancy symptoms, as well as I thought that my pregnancy test was quite unecessary…

But this time, Daddy B. was not alone to take care of me. He had the precious help of Mimi B., so proud to become a big sister that she brings me my diners to my bed when I was too weak to join them at the table. And she was so sweet with me. Our afternoons were really less active as the way to go to the library or to the playground felt so much longer. But she learned a lot and had the opportunity to ask all the questions she had while we were watching together documentaries about pregnancy and labour. She can now recognize so easily a pregnant woman or the inside of an hospital!

8eme mois de grossesse de Mummy B.

Mummy B. enceinte et Mimi B.


Thanks to ultrasounds, we learned a bit more about you each time. And one day, we knew the big new… Boy or girl, we had a small preference but of course we would have been pleased whatever. You fullfilled our wish bringing some parity at home. So… you are a boy!

Mummy B. enceinte

Mummy B. enceinte


The second trimester was more resting, psychologically and physically. Reassured by several tests, we knew you were perfectly healthy. So we travelled to France and you met all our families and friends who live so far from us. Actually you didn’t see them, but for sure you could have listened all the joy you represent for us and for them.

Mummy B., 2eme trimestre de grossesse serein

Mummy B. enceinte et sereine


Does it make you feel more comfortable.  Since that time you became more and more noticeable and you don’t care anymore of being discreet… you are a real kicker! Some nights we even wonder if you are willing to come earlier than the due date, but hopefully until now the comfort and the warm of your nest seem to be good enough for you.

Mummy B. attend Baby Boy

Mummy B. enceinte 33 SA

Silhouette de grossesse à 33 SA


Mimi B. already get used to tell you “hello” and “good night” daily. She is so looking forward to meet you that she asks us very often how big you are and when you will be ready to get out of my belly. Waiting for you, she covers it with kisses and sings you her most beautiful songs and rhymes. I know she will be a great big sister, she is already practicing with her friends who are less old than her. And she is planning so much for both of you. For sure, you won’t get bored with her! And you, will you be a little clown like her or will you compensate  with a calm temper?

Mimi B. tenant la main de Mummy B. enceinte

Mimi B. fait un calin au ventre de Mummy B.

Mimi B. fait un bisou au ventre de Mummy B.


We still have some weeks of cohabitation ahead. Seven if you arrived for your american due date, eight if you respect the french calendar. Maybe it will be sooner… or later? Of course, we can’t wait to meet you, but you still need to grow inside of me for a while. Anyway, we have everything you need if you need to come home now. I just have to pack my maternity bag for hospital but I prefer to wait a little bit… no way to give you the idea to arrive right now!

Mummy B. enceinte


See you soon my baby, we are waiting for you and already love you so much!

La B. Family attend Baby Boy

Calin à 3 presque 4


Thank you Daddy B. for these wonderful pics! Great memories of these last weeks being three, almost four! Well… five with Doggy B!

La B. Family au complet


Music to your ears #1, by Daddy B.
The Peasant & The Pear, our firm favorite restaurant (Danville, CA)

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