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By Mummy B.



This month, for the Pic of the month, Carole en Australie  gives us the theme : Upside Down.


I immediately loved that theme! And I quickly find the picture I will share. We were back from a short road trip in North California during the Independence Day weekend (4th of July was a Saturday so Daddy B. had a day-off on Friday). We went camping for a few days just the three of us and dazzled our eyes with rivers, waterfalls, mountains, lakes, volcanoes, caverns… spectacular and various landscapes which showed us once again that California has a lot to offer and even some hidden gems.


We visited the fascinating Lassen Volcanic National Park. Of course we will write about it more precisely later, but here is a first picture, especially for the Pic of the Month :

Photo renversée-renversante


This is Reflection Lake. Maybe the pic seems quite weird at first sight… well, look better : I turned it upside down to make it even more appropriate to the theme! We were very impressed by the magical mirror effect on the lake and the quietness of this place. It is a beautiful memory (one among many others) of this week-end of discoveries and relaxation.


If you are in the mood for being upside down, let’s have a look of the other astonishing participations of this month!


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Ghost town and fossils (Berlin-Ichtyosaur State Park, NV)
Surpriiiise! A big thank you to my friends!!!

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