Something from USA for Daddy B and Mimi B’s birthdays party in France

By Mummy B.


We came back from our vacations in France a month and a half ago and I didn’t write about it a lot on the blog (neither our previous vacations in France in summer 2014!).It doesn’t mean that we have nothing to do there or no beautiful cities or landscapes to show you. It just that time goes by so fast that I don’t manage to write about everything!

But there is still one day I would like to share, and not too late if possible : the birthday party of Daddy B. and Mimi B.

Indeed we took the opportunity to be in France to celebrate their 30th and 3rd birthday. It was a late birthday party for Daddy B. (his real 30th birthday was in December!) and just a bit in advance for Mimi B. (the D Day was just the day after).

A beautiful day during which we tried to bring a little from our new country of residence.

So the theme was… San Francisco!


We brought some USA and California flags to decorate (that pleased the little ones… and the adults too!) and a giant Star-Spangled Banner to mark the parking entrance.

Les bouquets avec drapeaux USA et Californie

Drapeau de Californie aux fenetres

Mimi trop contente avec ses drapeaux


Some mini palms trees and stars were shining on the red table runner and the white tablecloth. We also made by ourselves some table place cards shaped in a one dollar bill and personnalized with a picture of each guest. So everyone can have the impression to be the president of the United States just for the day!

Notre décoration de table thème San Francisco

Marque-place dollar personnalisé - thème USA


On the gifts table, there were some chocolate and peanut butter cups and the red cups which are not common in France. We also leave a frame where people can write on it a little note.

La table de la cagnotte


And next to the restroom… an Alcatraz sign!

Panneau Alcatraz


SF is famous for its hippie period so the party dress-code was “Hippie-Flower Power”. Everyone came in costumes. It was so funny to discover the suits of our guests. It was like we were back in time in the late 60’s!

Les costumes hippie des petits

Papy P. et Mamy FB.

Déguisement hippie de Sis'M

Mummy B. et Daddy B.

Les cousins et cousines


The party was in two parts : a lunch with Daddy B’s family and then our friends join in the evening.

Toute la famille à table


The meal was delicious and prepared by  Uncle A. and Auntie C. who own the Restaurant Les 4 Saisons in Loire-Atlantique where our party took place. The starter and the entree were combos, that was nice for this double birthdays party! We really have a fest! Thank you again to them!

Les petits fours, restaurant Les 4 saisons - Campbon (44)
Apéritif - restaurant Les 4 saisons - Campbon (44)
Entrée - Duo St Jacques/Poisson - restaurant Les 4 saisons (44)
Starter: Scallops and fish with white butter sauce
Plat - Duo Agneau Canard - restaurant Les 4 saisons - Campbon (44)
Entree : Duck and lamb with vegetables
Curé nantais - Restaurant Les 4 saisons - Campbon (44)
Cheese : “Curé Nantais” (toasted)


Gran’Pa B. prepared the birthday cake. He is a retired chef and is still a cuisine expert. We baked a Caroline, a complicated traditionnal french dessert with mini éclairs (cream puff pastry)  It was so beautiful and absolutely delicious!

For Mimi B., we added a candy cake which is so fun for kids!

Les gateaux d'anniversaire

Le gateau de bonbons

La Caroline pour les 30 ans de Daddy B.

La part de gateau de daddy B.


Daddy B. and Mimi B. blowed their candles. What was their wish? Have many more beautiful days like this one!

Daddy B. souffle

Mimi B. souffle

Nous 3 pour les anniversaires de Daddy B. et Mimi B.

Mimi B; et Daddy B. au champagne


Then Mimi opened her gifts and was so delighted by all the nice presents she received.

Mimi ouvre le livre du Roi Lion

Mimi B. Frozen addict


For the kids, we did exactly like many restaurants in US and give them some crayons and activity book so they can be quiet at their table. After eating, boys played with the table soccer and girls chose Little Poneys and Barbies. They all had a lot of fun!

ça discute coloriage...

les indémodables crayons de crayola

le babyfoot... un succès!

les filles jouent aux poneys


As usual, this is the kind of day you just don’t see the end coming. Hours went so fast! But we enjoyed every moment. We had so much to enjoy : being reunited, listening to the speeches, singing some karaoke songs… We also mixed the letters of our future baby boy’s name to make people guess it… and sometimes they give them some very weird propositions!

Le joli texte de Gran'Pa et Gran'Ma B.

Le discours chanté de Uncle A.

Daddy B. ému

Petite starlette

le discours de Daddy B.

Jeu pour deviner le prénom de Baby Boy

Air Guitar Battle


When it was dark outside, we had a short firework. A lovely moment for dazzling the eyes of little ones..; and adults!


[kad_youtube url=”” ]



But what makes this day so unforgettable is of course having our friends and families with us. Such precious moments, especially when you live abroad!

Daddy B., Uncle N et Auntie F

Mimi B. et son parrain

Couz ML et Sis M

Mimi B. et Mamy NB

A&A avec JM

Daddy B. et ses copains nantais

Mimi B. et Papy P

Daddy B. et Mimi B. avec Uncle N et Auntie M


Thank you so much to all of them for their presence and their nice gifts! We hope to see them very soon!


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