A Dennis the Menace themed playground (Monterey, CA)

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By Mummy B.


During our weekend in Monterey Bay with Cécile, Nicolas and Lana, we went to a lovely place, dedicated to children, which brought us back in time to our childhood: Dennis the Menace Playground! A well-known character, thanks to the cartoons and the movie.

Dennis the Menace Playground, Monterey

Bande dessinée Denis La Malice


Located in El Estrero Park in Monterey, this free playground has very good reviews on the web so we thought it would be a perfect way to start that Sunday. Mimi B. and Lana would play together and have fun, a moment just for them… but Lana was still sleeping in the car when we arrived! So only Mimi B. enjoyed this nice playground while Lana was resting. Cécile stayed in the car with the two dogs (not admitted in the playground) and her little girl asleep.

Despite an old-fashioned entrance with old drawings of Dennis the Menace and some lion-shaped water fountains, the playground is rather modern and there are numerous activities. Of course you find the basic swings, slides and sand area but also less expected tunnels or rope bridge.

Lion-fontaine à eau

Pont du Dennis the menace playground

Tunnel dans le parc

Sous le pont

Mimi & Daddy sur le pont


There are several play structures for different age groups which is a great idea to separate the little ones who need to take their time from the more confident ones who just run and jump everywhere.

Structures de jeux dans le parc


That day, Mimi was not brave enough for experiencing the playground on her own and preferred to stay close to Daddy B. and Nicolas to discover the activities.

Mimi B. et Daddy B. aux balançoires

Mimi B. en filé sur la balancoire

Monter jusqu'au toboggan

Sur le toboggan

Trop contente!


Spring was already there in California at the end of February, so we did see beautiful flowers in the trees. It was lovely and made the playground area even more beautiful.

Printemps californien en février


Next to the playground, there is a snack bar, some picnic areas and barbecue pits, a skate park, a baseball field and a water pond where you can rent some paddle boats. It is definitely a nice place to go with family and friends during the weekend.

Even if you don’t have much time to visit the Monterey Bay, you will enjoy a short stop here with kids.


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