Ten on Ten – May 2015

During our vacations in France, the blog has been forced to rest.

I thought about one of my favorite photo challenge but totally forgot to publish it on time. It’s the “Ten on Ten” of May which was the same day than the birthday of Mimi B.!

Let’s do it again for those who have forgotten … the Ten on Ten, what is it?

The rules are simple: the 10th of each month, we have to take 10 pictures and publish them the same day (but luckily a small delay is accepted, because I usually publish around the 11th or 12th …). The goal is to document our daily lives, with or without words, to provide a visual of a day of our life and find beauty in the everyday life.


Well… I am almost a month late and the Ten on Ten of June is coming in just a few days. But I really wanted to write this article as it describes a great day in our family history: the third birthday of our little princess!

Time goes by so fast… I read somewhere “you just blink an eye and a year is gone” and it is so true! Sometimes I can’t imagine how big our daughter is becoming! Still… every signs are right in front of my eyes : a determined mind, a very developed language (we just can’t stop her when she starts talking!), a little independent person is growing and for sure it won’t stop as she is asking for more and more autonomy day after day… We don’t even have the right anymore to call her “baby” as she answers all the time that she is “a big girl”. Where is my newborn gone? The one we welcomed in our lifes the 10th of May 2012 at 4:07pm at the hospital called “Maternité des Bluets”?


So here they are. Some pictures to remind us this great birthday we spent at her grandparents home with her aunt and her lover. A lovely day with chocolates hunt (Easter Bunny decided to come back in France just for her!), candles, gifts and a walk by the Loire river.


Mimi et sa passion de la chasse aux oeufs

Chercher derrière les arbustes

Le sac se remplit...

Des étoiles dans les yeux

Mimi et ses grands-parents

Mimi ouvre son cadeau

Balade sur les bords de Loire

un bout de barque

Promenade en famille

Mimi s'amuse sur les bords de Loire


In a few days… you will discover the Ten on Ten of June! See you soon!

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