Ten on Ten – June 2015

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By Mummy B.


Back with Ten on Ten! I know… it wasn’t long since the last one, but I was so late for May that June is already here!

Let’s do it again for those who have forgotten … the Ten on Ten, what is it?

The rules are simple: the 10th of each month, we have to take 10 pictures and publish them the same day (but luckily a small delay is accepted, because I usually publish around the 11th or 12th …). The goal is to document our daily lives, with or without words, to provide a visual of a day of our life and find beauty in the everyday life.



These last days in Walnut Creek, we had a very hot weather and temperatures often rose to 86°F, sometimes even higher than 95°F! But during those summer days, the 10th, we had…


1/ A rainy day!

La pluie en Californie


2/ So we need to find some indoor activities. Time for Play Dough!

Mimi et la pate a mollette


3/ Play Doh branded of course, as there is no other play dough that smells so good!

Le petit pot jaune de Play Doh


4/ For lunch, we cooked together some pastas with oinions, sour cream and salmon. It was still steaming when we put the plate on the table!

Les pates au saumon


5/ Naptime is not a word that Mimi likes a lot. But she now knows that we both need a quiet time after lunch during which she stays in her bed with books. Sometimes it helps her get some sleep.

Mimi fait dodo


6/ After resting a bit, we looked outside… but it was still raining!

Il pleut il mouille


7/ So we decided to try the painting offered by Marcelle and Patrick during Mimi’s birthday picnic.

Peinture Doug & Melissa


8/ Mimi loved it! You just have to put some water in the colors at the top to paint with them.

Mimi très concentrée sur sa peinture


9/ What a lovely and colorful octopus Mimi painted!

La belle oeuvre colorée!


10/ At the end of the day, we went to Grocery Outlet in Pleasant Hill and then ordered some thai food for dinner. When we aren’t travelling on the road, cuisine makes us feel on a trip! This time with a cashew nut chicken and a shrimp green curry… everything was delicious!

Repas thai


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