Back from France… back with the blog!

By Mummy B.


One thing is sure : I can’t keep publishing on the blog during vacation!

It’s impossible for me to program my articles, I always finish just on time! Once an article is completed, I publish it, too happy to share in one click the hours of work it required. And as I can’t stand in front of my computer long enough on holiday to be able to write at least some articles, these weeks in the Motherland are synonymous with radio silence here. But our time in France is too short and too precious so I never regret to devote myself 100% to people we meet there. Moreover I even forget social networks, from Twitter to Facebook via Instagram, everything remained on standby last month.

Ma souris sans fil


So I will try to catch up a little the delay.

For sure it will take a lot of work as there is more than one thing to tell! Of course, stories of our trips to the Philippines and South Korea are still late, as well as our recent Christmas holidays around Los Angeles. But also our outings from February to April that I sometimes started narrating or which remained on stand by (our weekend in Monterey Bay, a day in Berkeley, and also our afternoons at Mount Diablo and Tilden Park …). I will also take time to bring you back in time, during our wonderful roadtrip in central Nevada, an incredible adventure during which we drove nearly 1,000 miles in 3 days.

And then I have so much to write about, waiting for months. Attractions in Singapore (as the River Safari Zoo, the Mac Ritchie Reservoir or the island of Pulau Ubin), lovely walks in France (around Nantes, Paris, Provence and Alsace …) …


So much to tell, a lot of pictures to show, so many memories to share … all over the world!

Laptop blanc ASUS


We also work with Daddy B. on a new version of the blog. No major changes in sight, we don’t want you to get lost! But we try to make the website even more clear and useful particularly for travelers and expatriates, and to allow easier navigation, focusing mainly on the needs of our readers (underlined by Google searches and the e-mails we receive via the contact form) and make room for each language instead of juxtaposing French and English in each article and mixing expressions in menus and tabs.

Dashboard wordpress


We hope that you will love the upcoming version and that you’ll always be more to follow us. We would like also to thank the many  readers who sent us positive feedbacks on the blog. We are always delighted to learn that the blog has helped you in your expatriation project, preparation of your trip or even just for a recipe or activity with children. This blog is a real pleasure for us, we love to be able to share tips, information and life story, all complemented by carefully selected photographs. It is always a joy to know that the blog is not only read, but also appreciated. Thank you all!


Stay tuned, we’ll be back soon!

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