Surpriiiise! A big thank you to my friends!!!

  By Mummy B.   One year ago, we left Singapore and had to say goodbye to all of the friends we made there. Only one year spent there… and we were already packing for somewhere else. Of course we were really … READ MORE

Fun Facts #4 : Strike made in USA

By Mummy B.   On the way to my medical pregnancy appointments, we need to pass by one of the main hospital in Walnut Creek. Since several weeks, some employees are on strike. The kind of strike that you barely … READ MORE

2014: An Expat’ Odyssey

By Mummy B.     Of course those who know Daddy B. can guess that the title is not from me, but from him: the movie fan and especially fond of Kubrick. But as he decided to become the second … READ MORE

Our first Pumpkin Patch (Clayton, California)

By Mummy B.   Last Monday was Columbus Day. On this day, people here celebrate the anniversary of the arrival of Christopher Colombus in the Americas. Some states in the United States have not established this day as a holiday, … READ MORE