Pumpkins and maze at G&M Farms (Livermore, CA)

By Mummy B.



These last weeks have been very busy for us. Lenny B’s birth, moving in a rush because of a not-so-nice new apartment owner… I have had no time to write on the blog and share with you all the events we attended, the hikes and visits we had. And I still have a lot to tell about our travels… but let’s begin catching up with October!

It is a particularly ‘orange’ month in the United States… When Halloween is coming, you can see pumpkins everywhere!

Happy Pumpkin Season


Like last year, we decided to honor an american tradition of Fall: having fun in a Pumpkin Patch!

Pumpkin Patch de G&M Farm


This year we went to Livermore at G&M Farms. We didn’t choose it only to pick a pumpkin but also because this farm is well-known in East Bay for its cornfield maze which was voted the best seasonal activity by Diablo Magazine and appeared twice on the David Letterman Show.


Before getting lost in the maze, we first spent some time among pumpkins.Petite mise en scène de saison

Citrouille décorée

Mimi dans le hangar aux citrouilles


The barn of the farm offered us a great dive into the Halloween atmosphere. Spiderwebs, skeletons, craniums… everything was quite spooky! But like a true little californian girl, Mimi B. was not scared at all by the creepy decoration. Of course…”It’s just fake!”

Squelette et verre de vin



There were also some typical seasonal products.

maïs indien

mais et grenade


Then we got a little red wagon to walk through the Pumpkin Patch and find THE perfect pumpkin!

La B. Family au Pumpkin Patch

Mimi in the Radio Flyer wagon

Daddy B., Mimi B. & Lenny B.

Mimi dans le petit chariot rouge


Mimi B. had a lot of fun trying to carry the most heavy pumpkins and find one without any scare.

Mimi fait son choix de citrouilles

Ouch! c'est lourd!


Lenny B. was as usual very quiet. He slept most of the time and just woke up to be fed.

Lenny B. au milieu des citrouilles

Des enfants et des citrouilles

Pause goûter pour Lenny B.

La B. Family au milieu des citrouilles


We paid our pumpkin ($8, fee was the same for every pumpkins) and got a small one free. Mimi chose one which seemed full of warts… the perfect one for our Halloween decoration!

Picking a free one


We stored the pumpkin in the car and headed to the cornfield maze. We had forgotten the baby carrier at home, so Daddy B. had to carry Lenny B. in his arms for the whole walk while I took pictures and Mimi showed us the way.

Le circuit 2015 à gm farms

dans le labyrinthe de mais

Lenny B. et Daddy B.


In the daylight, finding the right way wasn’t too difficult and it was even easier thanks to a small quiz game: answering a question correctly allowed you to know where to go (left or right). Anyway walking through the maze took us around one hour: perfect timing to let Mimi B. enjoy the maze and learn a bit about corn, but not to get bored in the end.

couloirs de mais du labyrinthe


Au coucher du soleil

Epi de mais


The maze was closing at 10pm and I guess it is probably trickier (and creepier!) to find your way in the dark. While we were getting out of the maze, we saw a lot of teenagers eager to enjoy the maze at night and well-equiped with flashlights. But for Mimi B., it is definitely too soon!

En noir et blanc


We loved this Pumpkin Patch which has less kid-centered activities than Clayton’s (the pumpkin farm we tried last year) but offers a great afternoon for the whole family.

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