Project 52 – Week 28

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By Mummy B.



A picture of my child each week, that’s the project 52 which I decided to follow this year.


Mimi B. is a very active and curious little girl and it’s not always easy to satisfy her need to learn and to stay busy all day long. As she doesn’t go to school for the moment, I am the one in charge of finding the balance between activities with me, early learning moments by herself and quiet and relaxing time. Not an easy task!

Hopefully Mimi B. is most of the time happy whatever I have to offer to her.


Games like cards, memory, dominos are some of her favorite activities and we have a lot of them. She received a new one at her californian birthday party: ladders and slides! A great gift by Cécile, Nicolas and Lana!

Mimi B. et les jeux de société

I am very satisfied because all these games are great for early learning (numbers, colors…) and for learning some rules and skills (waiting for your turn, try to do better when you lose and don’t overreact if you lose…). Even if it seems only play and fun for Mimi B., she learns a lot thanks to these moments spent together and it is one among a lot of other educational tools that I use, to bring her the knowledge she is always looking for.


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If you also want to start this project or to be added to this list, feel free to leave me your blog link in comments section and I’ll add it here.

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