Point Pinos Lighthouse & Asilomar State Beach (Pacific Grove, CA)

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By Mummy B.



Last February we spent a week-end in Monterey Bay with Cécile, Nicolas and Lana. On Sunday afternoon, we drove to Pacific Grove. Once again the Pacific Coast showed us how beautiful it is and we came back home after viewing another incredible sunset.


Point Pinos Lighthouse, the oldest operating lighthouse on the West Coast


After lunch we headed to Point Pinos Lighthouse. Located near Pacific Grove Golf Links, it is opened from Thursday to Monday, 1pm-4pm. We arrived not so long before the lighthouse closing time, so we only toured it quickly. As dogs were not allowed, we needed to take turns to visit the lighthouse : first mommies and daughters (while daddys were with the dogs) then we changed.

You can see the lighthouse from outside for free but if you want to go inside, a donation is required ($2 for adults, $1 for kids between 7 and 12, free for younger children). But we didn’t came inside as we had not enough time.

Terrain de golf - Pacific Grove, CA

Point Pinos Lighthouse - Pacific Grove, CA

Mimi B. devant le phare


Lighthouses are quite numerous on the californian coast. This one has a remarkable story. Indeed Point Pinos Lighthouse is one of the first lighthouses built on the west coast in the United States. Its construction was ordered by the Congress with 6 other lighthouses in California. It began in 1852 and was completed in 1855. The Gold Rush, which starts around 1850, was the main reason for the State of California to settle these lighthouses. Indeed a lot of ships were coming full of ressources and men expecting to make a fortune. They needed to be guided to avoid being broken by the rocks.

At the beginning, lighthouse keepers have to clean and take care of the lighthouse daily. But now, they are totally automatised.

Point Pinos Lighthouse noir et blanc

Sommet du phare


Asilomar State Beach, sunset on the Pacific ocean


Our plan was originally to take the 17 Mile-Drive, a famous scenic road in Monterey Bay with spectacular views. But it was closed for the day, so we will have to come back another time to discover it.

We eventually ended at Asilomar State Beach.

This beach has a boardwalk where you can enjoy the beauty of nature. Flowers and gulls share the area and it was really nice to be almost alone on the beach during this off-season.

Chemin bordant les plages

Végétation de la côte sauvage

Couple de mouettes sur la plage

Une mouette dans le ciel

Fleurs sur le chemin bordant les plages

Mouette à Asilomar State Beach


Luckily dogs are permitted there. So they could stretch their legs while outr little ones were collecting some seashells. They used them to make a beautiful gift for their grandmas : a key-holder for Lana and a nice picture frame for Mimi B.

La côte pacifique en Californie

Buddy sur la plage

Daddy B. et Nicolas

Mimi B. sur la plage

Mimi B. lance du sable

Buddy et Doggy B. sur les rochers

Lana sur la plage

Une météo de février parfaite

Sur la plage à Asilomar State Beach, Pacific Grove, CA

Nicolas, Lana et Mimi B. ramassant des coquillages

Mimi B. et les coquillages

Daddy B. et Mimi B.


Thanks to the music of the waves, we can totally relaxed and look the wonderful sunset. The sky offered us some various changing colors and a marvellous golden light. it was a magic moment, perfect to finish our week-end.

Le jour commence à tomber

Asilomar State Beach au soleil couchant

Les couleurs du ciel au début du coucher de soleil

Plage baignant dans une lumière dorée

Coucher de soleil sur Asilomar State Beach en famille

Vagues se brisant sur les rochers

Mimi B. sur les rochers

Daddy B. et Mimi B. regardant le coucher de soleil

Le ciel irréel d'un coucher de soleil californien

Beauté d'un coucher de soleil californien

Ciel et mer au coucher du soleil


It was difficult to stop taking pictures as the sky was so magnificent.

Cécile prend une dernière photo
Derniers clichés dans la voiture…


Where to lunch in Pacific Grove?


it was February but we enjoyed a sunny wether and temperatures rose to 70/75 °F. So we chose a restaurant with a patio. With 2 dogs and 2 kids, it was anyway the most convenient solution. While we were walking on Lighthouse Avenue, we found the perfect place : the 17th Street Grille.

We ordered some simple comfort food as it is their specialties : sandwiches and wraps!

Déjeuner de Mummy B.

Déjeuner de Daddy B.


You surely read it in the previous articles about our week-end in Monterey Bay, this area is beautiful and there are so much to do. So we surely need to come back to enjoy many other places there.

Daddy B. et Mimi B., ensemble sur la plage



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