Project 52 – Week 25

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By Mummy B.


A picture of my child each week, that’s the project 52 which I decided to follow this year.


Those days, temperature is rarely under 86°F in Walnut Creek and it even rises above 95°F during some afternoons. It’s hot… very hot!

It is really diffrent from what we had in Singapore where the temperatures were between 82 and 90 °F year long but with a tropical and humid forest climate!


We don’t have the chance to live in a condo with a swimming pool like we used to in Asia. But some friends of us… yes they live in a condo! They often invite us to swimm at their place and this is so nice for children… and for adults too!


Mimi B. is much bigger than in Singapore, so her inflatable boat she used there is too smaller for her now. So we bought for her a life jacket more suitable for her age and two water guns she loves to play with!

Mimi B. comme un poisson dans l'eau

Temperature will surely rises to 105°F during the hottest days of summer (which lasts until the end of october here). So for sure, we will have many other occasions to go swimming.

Thank you a lot Nensa and Edwin for the great moments in your condo and… the delicious brunch or snack time we have with you!


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If you also want to start this project or to be added to this list, feel free to leave me your blog link in comments section and I’ll add it here.

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