My birthday picnic in California

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By Mimi B.


As you maybe read, I turned three in May. I celebrated several times with family and friends during our vacations in France but didn’t have the opportunity to do it with my american friends (well, my expatriate french friends who live in USA just like me).

La banderole HB rose


We were just back in the US when Mummy B. sent invitations for a big picnic so we can be reunited with all our new friends who live in California :

Cécile, Nicolas and Lana

Coralie, Bastien, Eustache and Ondine (and Uncle Julian who was in vacations in SF)

Marcelle, Patrick and Noémie

Nensa, Edwin, Sydney and Chloé (with Kieran, a friend of Sydney)

Sara, Choupi and Loulou

L'enveloppe avec le lieu de rendez-vous pour le pique-nique


Mummy B. and Daddy B. chose a lovely place in the very nice Briones Regional Park. We needed two visits before being sure of the place as some picnic areas were not enough in the nature and some a little bit too much. They found the perfect spot at Alhambra Creek Staging Area.

Beautiful trees, spaced tables and a huge field in the middle to run and play. The place was already wonderful, but Daddy B. and Mummy B. added some balloons and lanterns to enhance it. Hopefully some friends gave them a hand!

Nico dans les arbres

Le lieu de la fête

Ballons couleurs pastels pour décorer l'anniversaire

Mimi joue avec le ballon


A giant buffet lunch (oh yeah! giant! we had leftovers for several days after the party!) has been prepared by Mummy B. We had a feast with all the toasts, sandwiches and salads.

Table et ballons pour l'anniversaire

Les petits sandwichs au saumon fumé

Les 3 salades pour mes 3 ans

Nensa choisit dans le buffet


We had some activities during the day : three-legged race, gifts fishing game, football… So much fun!

Top départ pour la course!

Nico et Lana arrivent en 1ers

Daddy B. et Mimi B. courent ensemble

La pêche a la ligne pour les enfants

Eustache a attrapé un cookie!

Et aussi un cookie pour Mimi!

Nico et le football americain


But we spent almost the whole day playing around the trees in the park and with the toys on the blankets (us, the kids!) or laughing and drinking beers (them, parents!).

Les enfants et tonton Julian

Chloé ravie avec les duplos

Sydney joue les paléontologues

Daddy B., Nico et... leurs bières

Les papas discutent et rigolent

Lana et son papa

Coralie et Ondine

Cécile et Lana


Of course, I blew out my birthday candles (again!) and opened all my beautiful presents. I was so spoiled!!

Fondant chocolat cœur Nutella

Le buffet des desserts

Mimi devant ses gateaux d'anniversaire

Mimi écoute "Joyeux anniversaire!"

Les jolis cadeaux de Mimi

Mimi découvre ses cadeaux

Mimi, Frozen addict

Une jolie robe en cadeau!


Mummy B., Daddy B. and me really want to thank all our guests that were so happy, lovely and kind to come to my birthday picnic party.

Mimi et Noémie

Eustache et Mimi


Thank you all for this wonderful unforgettable day!


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