Pic of the month : Blur & Life

By Mummy B.


This month, for the Pic of the month, Lyonelk gives us the theme : Blur and Life.

I really loved the idea. To capture a moment of life, I like to choose motion scenes. Children running, a carousel, an artist in action … capturing motion in photography is always exciting by the number of technical possibilities and existing topics.

For my project 52, I already showed a technique (motion blurred) very interesting for this kind of photography. It was Mimi B. on a swing, the landscape was all blurred and the focus was on the subject (the seat of the swing and Mimi B.). A good way to enhance this movement not always easy to show in photography.


This time, I decided to do the opposite:

Papy C. et Mimi B. dansent


Here the background is freezed. It would have been probably more clear using a tripod, but that’s capturing life: you must take an opportunity when you have one and sometimes you don’t have all the equipment you need, so you have to improvise. Here the subject (Mimi B. and C. Papy dancing) is the blurry silhouettes, almost mingled, in a real moment of complicity. As if they were cut off from the world and that nothing else existed except this moment of reunion …


Moments like this are those last weeks part of our everyday life since we are on holiday in France and we are reunite with members of our family and friends who we miss so much in California. A condensed period of emotions, happiness, complicity and love that we will keep in our minds and hearts until our next visit.

Here is a special message for them : Thank you all for your welcome and your thoughtfulness. Time goes too fast and always leaves a taste of “it was not enough” but these moments are precious to us and our little princess. Daddy B. is already back in San Francisco, Mimi B. and me still have a few days in France before our flight to go back home. Then again … T-H-A-N-K-Y-O-U !


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Project 52 - Weeks 17 & 18
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