Abandoned factory and family photo shooting (Richmond, CA)

By Mummy B.



Ten days ago, we went to a very special place to successfully find inspiration for my Pic of the Month which theme was “sign of industrial decline”. You’ve also seen a pic thanks to my fifteenth Project 52 Photo.

Actually we went for a walk at Point Richmond, a city of East Bay facing San Francisco where we found not one but two unusual places. I’ve already shown you the Ferry Terminal at Point Richmond and I’ll tell you its story in more detail in a future article.


Nearby, at the end of Miller Knox Regional Shoreline, we went inside an old abandoned factory. We explored it and took the opportunity to do some family pictures in this quite unusual place.

Usine désaffectée de Richmond


The entrance is normally prohibited but the huge door-shaped holes in the fence showed that this place has some regular visitors. From the outside, the building is impressive. We didn’t know if all entrances were condemned and finally we found an open door.

Interdit d'entrer

On passe!

Mimi devant l'usine

Mimi noir et blanc

Le sourire de Mimi

Fashion kid look 2015


We decided to come inside this abandoned factory and we were not disappointed! Every corner was beautifully tagged, a gigantic work of street art was offered to our eyes excited about this unique experience. An explosion of colors!

A l'intérieur de l'usine

Street art et père-fille

Street art et mur troué

Mimi devant un mur tagué

Palette abandonnée et mur tagués

daddy B. et Mimi B. dans l'usine

Colonnes et graffitis

mère-fille street art


The light rays entering through the few openings in the factory offered a very special atmosphere, something vibrant.

La lumière particulière dans l'usine

Mimi et Daddy la lumière vibrante

L'usine en N&B

Mimi & Mummy

B&W light and graffiti


We were very careful with Mimi B., the ground was covered with debris and broken glass.

Pot de peinture au sol

basket Nike

bombes de peinture au sol

Paire de Nike brulées


But we could observe every detail carefully to soak up the atmosphere of this old building from the chemical industry.

Mur et fenetre tagues

Mimi & Daddy

Mummy B.

Mimi se promène

Daddy et Mimi de dos


We also explored the outside of the factory that show other graffitis, but also and above all a great view of the San Francisco skyline facing us.

Canalisation dans l'herbe

Graffiti à l'exterieur

usine face a la skyline de SF

SF Skyline depuis East Bay


It was our first time in this kind of place and we loved that dive in this unusual world . An experience we will not forget!



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