Project 52 – Week 8

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By Mummy B.


A picture of my child each week, that’s the project 52 which I decided to follow this year.


Nap, this moment of quietness, a pause in my day. This nap, I hard-won it! Indeed, when Mimi was a tiny baby, no way for her to close her eyes in the daytime. Twenty minutes, three times a day, that’s all she gave me! Twenty minutes, barely sufficient to eat and really not to rest.


She was only a few weeks old, but she has already decide to rock our world … and indeed… she did!


Then months after months (and even if it scares me a little, I can say today, years after years!), I was relieved to see my daughter sleeping longer and longer. When you stay all day long with your baby, napping is a parenthesis that you wait patiently, that you savor slowly. A moment just for you, well appreciated in the daily life of a mom.

La sieste de Mimi



And now, our little miss is hardly 3 years old, and she begins to be reluctant to go for a nap. There is so much more interesting to do than sleeping!

So for several days, we have been on a little “nap strike”. For now, I ask her anyway to have a quiet time in her room. Rest in her bed, with a book if she wants. Sometimes she falls asleep. But other times, after having discussed and sang with her stuffed animals and dolls, she comes back smiling and telling me: “that’s it, I slept well, I’m not tired anymore!”.



Nap, needed by children … even more by moms?

And yet, I begin to see it gently go away …


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If you also want to start this project or to be added to this list, feel free to leave me your blog link in comments section and I’ll add it here.

See you next Sunday!

Have a nice week!


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