Stars in our eyes at Mission Dolores Park (San Francisco, CA)


By Mummy B.


I thought that I will publish this article later. And finally, with the latest events, I needed sweetness and laughter of children. So I watched my last pictures and I found some of our walk at Dolores Park in November.

Mission Dolores Park, San Francisco, CA


Dolores Park is located west of Mission District. There you can find tennis courts, basketball and soccer fields and a dogs area.

But our favorite area was the playground in the southern part of the park: the Helen Diller Playground. Fun for children but also for adults. Watching my daughter having fun on the swings, slides … and enjoying a magical view of San Francisco!

Helen Diller Playground, Dolores Park

Mimi B. sur sa balançoire

Vue sur San Francisco depuis Dolores Park


Telling myself “that’s it”! We did it. We realized our dream.

We can do simple things like walking and letting the minutes go.

Pushing the little Mimi B. on its swing who says “Higher, mom, higher!” and dazzling our eyes of the beautiful view of the skyline and the colors of Victorian houses all around. Without looking at my watch, without wondering where we will go next.

Helen Diller Playground, au coeur de SF

Une balançoire originale

Mimi la souris sort de son trou

SF, la skyline


Taking our time because we are not in a hurry. Not like we were three years ago, when we wanted to see everything, know everything, visit everything. Because we didn’t want to regret anything, because we wanted to fill up our mind with this country that made us dream.

Who would have thought that we would have come back so quickly? And for a while this time!

Now we live here. We have time. We take time. And we keep dreaming. With stars in our eyes every day.

Helen Miller Playground, SF

Look de Mimi


One more breath of fresh air.

And telling my child: “Come on, we go home. We will come back later.”

Toboggan du Helen Diller Playground

Un dernier aller-retour de balançoire...



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