Our first Pumpkin Patch (Clayton, California)

By Mummy B.


Last Monday was Columbus Day. On this day, people here celebrate the anniversary of the arrival of Christopher Colombus in the Americas. Some states in the United States have not established this day as a holiday, including California. But from what we could see that day, some banks, for example, were closed. So companies can probably take the decision whether to offer their employees a day off or not.


As the headquarters of his company is based in New York, Monday was “off” for Daddy B. And it was great because after spending three days to move in and drive around the Bay searching our furniture, we enjoyed having a little extra day together, but this time to rest. As we still had the mini van rented for the move, we took the opportunity to drive a little and inaugurate our immersion in American customs.

For this big first jump into American life, we tried the … Pumpkin Patch!


citrouilles éparpillées à Clayton Valley Pumpkin Farm



In the United States, Halloween is a real celebration which is prepared well in advance. One of the great annual tradition for American families is to pick their pumpkins from farms that organize throughout the month of October a festival to celebrate the coming of autumn and Halloween.

After searching on internet to know the most popular farms around here, we choose Clayton Valley Pumpkin Farm which is situated less than half an hour from Walnut Creek.


While we arrive, we are first enchanted by the setting: a nice farm in the middle of countryside and mountains. And pumpkins! All over! With the wonderful weather we have, it’s even better!


Arrivée à la Clayton Valley Pumpkin Farm

Citrouilles et Chauve-souris à la ferme

Un cadre verdoyant et plein de reliefs


The farm offers many activities dispersed on different spaces especially set for the occasion. We start with the pumpkin patch. A true funny area where you can hide, roll over, lie down and have a good laugh!

Façon Lucky Luke : Tel père, telle fille!

Cache-cache avec maman

Câlin dans les citrouilles!

Une citrouille sur la tête!


Meryl is delighted to play among the big orange squashes and immediatly borrows one of the provided wheelbarrows. As long as it’s empty, it’s easy to push. But once filled, she needs Daddy B’s help!

Mimi B et sa brouette

Pousser la brouette avec papa


And finally when you climb in, it’s very funny too!

Mimi B. dans la brouette


We let Mimi B. choose some pumpkins that we will take home. She takes a particular care to do it. And for the heavy one, it’s Daddy B. who comes to the rescue and carries it! We buy a large pumpkin at $ 10 and three small at $ 1.50 each.

Mimi choisit les petites citrouilles

choisir sa citrouille avec attention

papa, on prend celle-là!


Then we head to the train. For $ 3 each, we visit the pumpkins cemetery and have a little trip where the friendly ghosts play hide-and-seek everywhere.

petit train de la ferme

panneau en bois "fright this way"


mimi et daddy dans le train panneau d'indication vers le cimetière des citrouilles

cimetières des citrouilles et fantômes


After this little entertainment, we go to meet the animals. We cross some chickens in total freedom. Mimi B. can also feed the goats (25 cts for a small handful of feed) and even test the Speeder Feeder, a bike that delivers a can of food into the animals enclosure on a pulley system, which will be quickly eaten by the greedy pig. Our little animal lover has so much fun!

poules en liberté à Clayton Valley Pumpkin Farm

chèvre et cochon à Clayton Valley Pumpkin Farm

Mimi nourrit une chèvre

chèvre à Clayton Valley Pumpkin Farm

Speeder Feeder at Clayton Valley Pumpkin Farm

le vélo qui nourrit les animaux


Then it’s time for Mimi B. to have a blast in the two great playgrounds where the whole family can have fun (you can buy a ticket for only one area at $7 and $5 or do like us and buy a combo ticket for both at $10). Only children pay, but accompanying adults are happy to enjoy it too. Inflatable horse racing, beans pool, skill games, duck race, slide, straw tunnel … there’s something for everyone! One thing is sure: we end up covered in dust !!!

course de cheval gonflable

jeu d'adresse avec ballon de basket

mimi b et les ballons rouges

piscine d'haricots secs course de canard avec papa

tunnel de bottes de paille

la sortie du tunnel


At the end of the afternoon, Mimi B. is exhausted but very happy with her visit to the pumpkin farm. This American tradition will probably be on our annual trip list, so, see you next year for another Pumpkin Patch! And who knows… if you’re in the area, maybe you could come with us! 😉

Of course, you have not heard the last of Halloween !!! I hope you’re not allergic to orange !!!

encore des citrouilles

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